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Happy Trails

Sara and I have taking up cycling as of late.  It seems like something that we can both do together and get outside for some exercise.  We found a few great trails in the Dallas area that we’ve been trying out the past few weeks.  There’s the White Rock Lake Trail which works out to be about 9-10 miles:

White Rock Lake Trail Map

Taylor out by the lake

There’s also the Santa Fe Trail which branches off the White Rock Lake Trail:

Santa Fe Trail Map

Sara by an old dead tree

We’ve been slowly building up our distances and hope to explore outside of Dallas for some more scenic places to ride.  We try to celebrate the little things about riding.  Such as (but not limited to): successfully removing and replacing your water bottle for a drink while coasting, avoiding small children who run out into the path, catching a glimpse into the dog park and thinking about someday having our own.  We’ve also used the time riding around neighborhoods looking for a future house to rent.  We’re getting a little tired of apartment living and now that we’ve been in Dallas for awhile we know the neighborhoods a bit better.  Our lease won’t be up until this summer but we’re starting early.

In the mean time my project is to tear down my bike, clean it up a bit, and maybe upgrade a few parts.   I’m currently riding an old hand-me-down from my dad which is a decent ride but definitely needs some work.  I’ll detail the adventure later this week.


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