Highway Beatification

Saturday’s posts will involve us discussing something we’ve found to be ridiculous or stupid.  You don’t have to agree with us, just listen to us.

This is the highway Taylor and I drive on every day to get to work.  Notice the lovely shrubbery growing in the median between the two sides of the highway.  This was actually planned by the Texas Department of Transportation many years ago.  They planned to leave a space between the concrete barriers to plant bushes to make the highway look less highway-ish.  They got through all the work and then realized they didn’t budget enough money for the maintenance.  Taylor and I have seen workers standing on the median hacking away at the plants because removing them every time they grow back apparently costs less money than watering them.

Until this past month.  That’s when the Texas DOT decided to stop funding it completely.  And instead of just letting them die out and let the highway look like a highway, the City of Dallas has torn everything out and is planting NEW THINGS.  Taylor heard on a radio show that the new plants are “maintenance free”.  They apparently require no watering!  I find that interesting because every day for the past month I have seen a man sitting on top of a truck holding a hose and watering them while his coworker slowly drives down the side of the highway.  This causes traffic because every person wants to take a look at the guy sitting on top of a water barrel on a truck.  We’ll see how long this plan lasts.


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