Quilt Adventure

My parents gave me a sewing machine about a year and a half ago and after several small projects I have decided to take on a big project: a quilt.  I’ve been putting it off ever since I got a quilt book and did the math on exactly how much fabric you need to make a queen-size quilt.  Apparently you can’t just sew two pieces of fabric together and call that a quilt.  And did you know there’s a back to the quilt?  You have to make the back look nice even though no one will ever see that.  So it was a bit of an investment – but not as bad as it could be since I had a gift card left over from Christmas (thanks Nana!).

I have been wanting to do a grey, yellow and white color scheme and then found out that it is a very “in” combination right now – not just for home decoration but for weddings this year too.  So I wasn’t going to do it anymore but then I realized that by the time I finish it, grey, yellow, and white won’t be as popular.  The finished quilt is this pattern:

I’m making mine a little bigger so that it can actually be used on a queen bed.  The fabrics in the first picture will be the little rectangles and they will be framed by a solid light grey fabric.  The background of the whole quilt will be white.  Mine will never be on the ground like this.  So we’ll see how this goes – after the money I spent on it I will definitely be finishing it!

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  1. Ann

    Nana to me to you – sewing is a treasure that changes everytime you make something!

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