The Bottle Shop

Wednesday is devoted to places we’ve gone and things we’ve done while we’re living here in Texas.

Since moving to Texas I have been somewhat disappointed in the availability of good local and craft beer.  You’d figure with the rise in popularity of good beer (read: not yellow fizzy water) and the Texas way of freedom, liberties, etc. this would be a great beer state.  However, this does not appear to be true.  Sure, you can get your big mainstream “craft” breweries like Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn, Rogue, and the like, but no real good local or semi-local beer seems to find it’s way to the shelves around here.  This is partially due to some ridiculous rules and regulations put out by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) the restricts what you can import into the state of Texas.  It’s also partially due to the city of Dallas and TABC working really hard to make sure that no precious land in the city of Dallas can be used to brew beer (an entire post unto itself).  The good news is that right down the street from where we live a great new store/bar has sprung up and is now a regular favorite.

The Bottle Shop on Greenville Ave

You can see from the front that they’ve set up in a nice old building.  They’ve done a great job renovating it and giving it a new feeling as well.  In the evenings they set up tables and chairs out in front to enjoy a nice patio beer (when it’s not 110 degrees as it seems to be lately).  When you step inside you’re greeted by a few comfy leather chairs, a handful of tables and chairs, and this great wall of choice beers.

This is what I like to see

They stock several hundred different varieties from a lot of different breweries from around the world.  They have it sorted out by geographical region of where the beer is brewed.  What’s even better is they have 2 beer experts that you can talk to and get suggestions.  I found this to be a good way to force myself to try something new instead of sticking with what I already know.  The prices are just as good if not better than what you’d find the beer at a grocery store like Whole Foods or Central Market.  In addition to being able to buy some great beer to take home with you, they also have a nice bar setup.

A good selection of cold beer and rotating taps

You can grab a pint from their frequently changing taps or ask for a chilled beer out of the cooler.  All in all this has been a great find and has kept us well stocked in delicious beer.


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