Please Standby As We Melt

Texas Thursday posts will be about things in Texas: news stories, people, traditions we didn’t know about, and other things like that.  So today’s post is about the Texas climate.  You know that wave of heat you feel when you open an oven?  That’s what it has felt like here for the last month.

Since July 2, the high in Dallas has been in the triple digits.  The only year that there has been a longer period of consecutive days in the triple digits in Dallas was 1980 and that was for 42 days.  I really hope we don’t break that record.  Even more importantly, the low hasn’t been below 80 degrees since July 5 – and we missed that because we were in Connecticut!  We have forgotten what it feels like to be outside and not actually be drenched in sweat in a period of 10 seconds.  What’s even better is that the city has begun to experience rolling blackouts because too many people are turning up the AC.  I look forward to the inevitable day when I am working on the top floor of our office building and the power completely shuts off.  I miss the ice storm.


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  1. Ann

    But I hear its a dry heat…… as if that makes a difference!

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