Not too long ago one of my coworkers brought in his baby.  I missed my nephew and also find babies generally cute so when he asked if I wanted to hold him I said “Sure”.  He was a pretty laid-back baby and didn’t seem to care that I was holding him.  Then, one of my other coworkers gushed in front of about 5 people, “Oh, she’s a natural!”.  I smiled at her but was livid.  Is it not possible to hold a baby without people automatically jumping to the point that because I’m a woman, I’m married, I have ovaries…I’m BABY CRAZY!!!  Yes I would like to have kids someday but it angers me that it seems to be impossible to hold a baby without some idiot making some kind of remark.  Last year I was holding one of Taylor’s coworker’s baby and his other coworker leaned over to Taylor and said “Get used to it”.  What does that even mean?



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