Nolan Ryan Always Wins

Last Saturday Sara’s company hosted a trip the go see the Texas Rangers take on the Cleveland Indians.  We were both excited since the only other time we had made it out to the ballpark was last season to watch the Yankees play, and since all the tickets and parking prices get raised quite a bit when they’re in town, we didn’t have the best seats to that game.  This time our tickets were for just over the left field wall in the 4th row.  We were supposed to be out at the stadium around 3:30 for some tailgating before the game, but since the high that day was 105, the company decided to cancel the tailgate for the sake of safety.  We arrived at the game just before 6:45 for a 7:15 opening pitch and made our way to the seats.

I really liked the location of our seats.  You don’t get the best view of the plate, but you have a great perspective on the rest of the field.  Unfortunately, when we sat down the sun was still setting, as you can tell from the picture,  so it was quite warm until the 2nd inning.  It remained warm throughout the game, but not so much that it ruined the evening.  I enjoyed a hotdog and a plate of garlic fries (french fries covered in fresh garlic and parmesan cheese) while Sara went with a lemon ice and pretzel.  Such a nutritious dinner!

The game itself wasn’t all that exciting until the 7th inning when both teams scored a few runs.  The 8th was pretty dull and we decided to take off afterwards to avoid the traffic that was sure to follow.  The Rangers would end up going on to lose the game in the 9th.

Some fun side stories for the evening.  At one point the Rangers mascot, which is a horse, came into our section to deliver a prize package to some guy and then proceeded to cover him in silly string.  He then started to shoot it at kids around us.  Don’t worry, no silly string made it’s way into my garlic fries.  We later found out that this victim was at his bachelor party as announced by his large drunk friend standing up and yelling to the whole crowd, “BACHELOR!!! BACHELOR!!” while pointing to his buddy.  Also, like many other ballparks Ranger’s stadium holds a race across the field.  The Atlanta Braves have their Home Depot “tool race“, The Washington Nationals have the “presidents race“, and the Milwaukee Brewers have the “sausage race“, but the Ranger’s have the “Texas Legends” race!  The crowd cheers on giant mascot versions of Sam Houston, James Bowie, Davy Crockett, and a new addition of Nolan Ryan.  Here’s a video I’ve found of the race from a little while ago:

A great trip.  Oh, and for the record, Nolan Ryan won the race.


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