Tasty Water

No one really should have ever settled in the state of Texas.  While we have lots of rivers, only ONE of our lakes is natural.  And it’s not even our own lake – we share it with Louisiana.  So the lack of water is starting to catch up with us – particularly for the city of Big Spring, Texas.  They are planning on building a drinking water treatment plant that will take wastewater (stuff flushed down your toilets) and convert it to drinkable water.  People are freaking out.

But in actuality, the water we drink comes from wastewater too with just an additional step.  Typically, wastewater goes through a wastewater treatment plant, is dumped into a river, and then goes through a drinking water treatment plant.  It seems that this town has just decided to merge the two plants.  So while it may seem gross, I assure you that all of our water that we drink at one time had urine in it.  Enjoy!


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3 responses to “Tasty Water

  1. Ann

    A certain piquant flavor!

  2. Eric – that’s what Taylor wanted to title the post.

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