When you work for a corporate company it is really easy to eat unhealthily.  There are two fridges in our breakroom and one of them is filled to the brim with every soda imaginable.  And chocolate milk – whole milk, I might add.  We also have a super fancy coffee machine that took me several weeks to figure out.  Almost every day someone is having a meeting during lunch and you can snag some food if you want.  The food choices are never good for you except for the occasional Jason’s Deli that I am constantly lobbying for – Olive Garden, Pei Wei, Matito’s (the worst Mexican food ever in my opinion), Dickey’s, and Papa Johns (with wings!).  It’s difficult debating between fettuccine alfredo and lasagna when you know both will induce a food coma and you still have at least four hours of work to do.

There are some people in my office that view it all as “free food” – which it is – and take it every chance they get.  I try to pack my lunch as much as I can because my stomach goes into shock if I even think about eating certain things.  However, I failed miserably this week.  I had to be out in the field for two days which means eating out for lunch and I was also in the office late which meant my planned dinners didn’t happen.  Now it’s Saturday and I don’t want to even think about eating outside of my home for at least a week.  It leaves me wondering how other coworkers of mine function that do indulge themselves more often than I do.  I guess their stomach doesn’t hate them as much.


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