Kids These Days

Last night we went to the Death Cab for Cutie concert – the reason I am posting this late.  We’ll post about the concert later this week but I just want to discuss the parking lot nightmare that happened afterwards.  Taylor smartly pulled through the parking spot so that we could make a quick getaway but it was not so simple.  There was a long line of cars in front of us and a person was nicely going to let us in.  Unfortunately before we had the time to pull in, a group of high schoolers pulled into the space.  Taylor was livid and leaned on his horn for at least 10 seconds.  He even unbuckled his seatbelt like he was going to get out and talk to them.

The best part was that the traffic then didn’t move for at least 10 minutes and they were forced to sit directly in front of us.  All four of them were clearly uncomfortable with this and waited about 5 minutes before they would even look in our direction.  And when they did – we made sure we were looking back.  I’m sure they were worried about making their curfew.

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