Texas Passport

I think our greatest fear is that Texas will secede while we are living here.

Car in front of us

While for the most part this is hopefully a joke, there is a group of Texans that really want to.  Even our governor Rick Perry – whose actions and beliefs could be about 50 Soapbox Saturdays worth of rants – has alluded to the fact that he believes Texas has the right to leave the Union if they so desire.

I wonder how that would work for us.  Obviously we would get the hell out of here before it became a possibility.  But would we automatically become Texas citizens?  Or would there be some kind of test?  The test we would fail miserably even if we wanted to stay:

  • We think barbeque is pulled pork in vinegar sauce and NOT brisket,
  • We don’t really like the Cowboys
  • Neither of us own cowboy boots

I’d say more but I’m sure that’s enough to get us kicked out.  In fact, this post is probably enough to get us kicked out now.



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2 responses to “Texas Passport

  1. Ann

    Let me know if I need to renew my passport!

  2. Chris

    Front runner for the Presidential GOP nomiation. If elected we’ll all apparently need to find a new country!

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