Hot Hot Hot!

Georgia is really not that far from Texas and yet we didn’t get introduced to this guy until we moved here.  About three weeks after we moved, we showed up at our local grocery store to see a giant sign that said “Hatch Chili Festival”.  We got out of the car and I felt like I was choking – I was breathing in hot pepper air that my lungs did not think was oxygen.  Combine that with the 100+ degree weather and I thought I was dying.  At the entrance to the store was a giant roaster and inside were what looked like poblano peppers.  We went inside and everything had hatch chili peppers in it – kabobs, in-house deli meats, and even scones.

Hatch Chile

Hatch, New Mexico is pretty far from here but that is where these chile peppers are from.  You can buy them at our grocery store as “mild” or “hot”.  The hot ones are hot despite being large – I had always heard that the smaller the chile, the spicier it is.  We found out that mistake when Taylor and I both ate a piece of the diced hot chile.  One of my coworkers grew up in El Paso and has memories of going outside and eating them straight off the plant (I was going to say vine but apparently it is more of a bush).  They are so abundant right now that they are selling them for $0.39 a pound – A POUND!  That is just ridiculous.  Normally I would not buy several pounds of peppers but it’s like those extreme couponers who buy 50 cans of tomato soup because they have coupons that make them only $0.10 each.   I have found a recipe for pepper jelly that I am thinking of trying – but what do you put pepper jelly on?  And what will it taste like?  I should find out these things before I make 10 jars of it.



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2 responses to “Hot Hot Hot!

  1. Ann

    Add pepper jelly to sour cream and you have a fantastic dip!

  2. Kimber

    On a block of cream cheese….makes a yummy spread for crackers.

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