Crappy Concert Calls

I don’t usually rant too often, but I thought I would share a comical observation I made at the concert last weekend.  A large number of people standing around us would take out their cell phone and call people during a song.  I’m assuming this was to share what was perceived as epic musicianship with their friends.  Or maybe they want to make their friends jealous.  Regardless, I don’t think any of these concert goers realize that there are very few people who find the experience of listening to someone else’s concert, recorded on a crappy cell phone microphone, transmitted at a low bandwidth, and then played over your tiny cell phone speaker.  For the record, I recorded this video while at the concert.  I imagine this is how most of these “concert calls” sound like to the receiver.

Be kind, don’t subject your friends and family to this terrible misfortune.


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