Samoas for Sale

A couple of months after I moved here, a coworker of mine asked if I wanted to join the Junior League of Dallas.  The first thing I did was look this up because the name sounded like it would be adult Girl Scouts or something equally terrible – although I would have enjoyed the cookies.  Turns out it is a nationwide group for women under 35 that’s main goal is to do volunteer work throughout the community.  I decided to sign up because I thought it would be a good way to see what is around Dallas and to meeting people that I don’t work with – for some reason the idea of Taylor and me going to a bar to make new friends doesn’t seem like it would work out.

The first year you are called a provisional and have several things you need to do before you are an official member.  I’ve thought about why they do this and I think it’s just to make sure you are serious.  Otherwise they would set up a community wide fall festival and the face painter doesn’t show up because she forgot.

The one thing I am wary of is that a good majority of the women are very concerned about their image.  I went to a social hour for this project I am on and we were told to dress casually.  So I of course wore some jeans and a regular top.  Out of the 30 women there I think I was the only one not wearing a dress or skirt.  It was like that scene in Legally Blonde except I wasn’t wearing a Playboy bunny outfit.   Some of them it was clear that they had come straight from work.  But other women it was obvious that they had spent several hours getting ready to go to what they appeared to think was a club.  The good thing is that the provisional class is over 700 women so I’m sure I can find people that are like me.

I have another social thing tomorrow night at a cheese shop.  I am going to have to restrain myself from eating a whole wheel of cheese – that probably won’t make me any type of friends.  If there is smoked gouda, I can’t promise anything.


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  1. Mom

    You bring much more class to the group than just the surface trappings!

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