Jaguar Aquarium

A fellow Georgia Tech couple that lives in Austin came up to Dallas for the weekend.  Taylor and I are kind of embarrassed because Austin is so much cooler than Dallas.  The whole weekend I was trying to find stuff to point out that they would like – “Oh you guys have 5000 delicious food trucks in Austin? LOOK AT THAT COOL STATUE.”

Okay so it is actually a pretty cool statue.  But I still feel like Dallas is inadequate.  Anyways, we did find one pretty sweet thing to do and that was visiting the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoological Garden.  You guys, this place was huge.  While it was a tad expensive ($20 a person) we soon found out that it was worth it.  Not only were there all of the cool aquarium animals – like MANATEES! – there were monkeys, sloths, lots of different birds, and even a very random jaguar.

I felt bad for the jaguar – he was all by himself.  He looked overweight too – probably because he can’t actually run anywhere.  But really I think what pissed him off is that they do this tribal dance on top of his home every day.  That’s got to be annoying.


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