Dallas Airports

If you’ve ever been to Dallas you probably flew in and out of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).  Like the name suggests, it is actually between Dallas and Fort Worth and is at least a 40 minute drive for us.  But there is actually a closer airport to us – Dallas Love Field.  It’s been around longer than DFW and is smack in the middle of Dallas – only a 5 mile drive from our house.  So why do we never fly out of there?

Back in the 1970s the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth agreed to build DFW.  A condition of this construction was that Dallas would get all of the airlines to move their flights from Love Field to DFW.  Everyone agreed to it.  Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines was founded and began flying out of Love Field.  When it came time to move, Southwest refused saying they never agreed to it.  Under the pretense of “protecting DFW”, this resulted in a bill being passed by the UNITED STATES CONGRESS that restricted flights in and out of Love Field to be limited to within Texas and the bordering states.

So unless Taylor and I want to take 2 to 3 layovers to visit our families we are forced to fly in and out of DFW.  Thanks US Congress.


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