The Value of Time

I know it is the 21st century but it really bothers me that our society’s expectation is you should always have a car available to you.  Guess what?  I don’t.  It is true that Taylor and I could buy another car.  But in our daily schedule he can drop me off and pick me up from work and we have access to the transit line here in Dallas.  Buying another car would help us address the not-everyday-stuff and that to me is like having two dishwashing machines for use after holiday dinners – it would be nice to have, but seems difficult to justify such a large purchase for the occasional need.  And I am not saying I expect others to help us with this – we can figure out a solution to those situations where it would be nice if we had two cars.

What I think this comes down to for me is that people are not respectful of others time.  I’ll have a meeting for work that goes an hour later than it should because someone rambled on so I miss the bus I was planning to take or poor Taylor sits in the parking lot waiting for me.  Taylor and I need to accept that we should be flexible because that’s what happens when you have only 1 car.    I just would like for others to be more aware of how valuable everyone’s time is to them.


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