My New Distraction

Maybe I’m behind the times and you all have of heard of this already.  It’s called Pinterest and it is brilliant.  Say you want to redo your kitchen so you hit the internet for inspirational pictures of appliances, color schemes, and designs you like.  When you find a cool picture you simply click on a button in your toolbar that says “Pin It”.  That picture will be placed on a Kitchen “board” with all the other pictures you have pinned to it.  For example I have one that has fabrics I would like to use for some undetermined projects – don’t worry I am still working on that quilt!

Other people post hundreds of different inspiration boards so you don’t even need to go out of the site to find great things.  Once we actually own a home and want to start decorating I think it will be a great way to decide what we like and don’t like.  This is going to be worse than HGTV.


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  1. Mom

    Sara – if you are behind the times you are not alone. I have not heard of this! Given we are knee deep into redoing the kitchen this is a great and timely find! Thanks for sharing!

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