Nasher Sculpture Center / Balloon Emporium

A couple of months ago, two friends of ours were in town and wanted to go to the Nasher Sculpture Center.  We hadn’t gone yet so we thought it would be a good opportunity.  It’s in downtown Dallas in the “Arts District” where there are several other museums we need to visit and the Meyerson Symphony Center (where we saw Ben Folds) and the Winspear Opera House (where we will see Bon Iver in a couple of weeks!).  Unlike some museums in the area, this one cost some money but it was worth it for the visit.  They have a lot of  sculptures indoors and outdoors, including several Picasso’s.

But we all agreed the best part was the temporary exhibit.  Really, I don’t think it had anything to do with sculptures but I was okay with that.  An artist had filled an entire large room with balloons.  Assistants would open the door quickly to shove you in and then shut it behind you.  You walked through and had to find your way to the other set of doors.  We got lost.  In a 20′ by 20′ room.

Once we found the door they wouldn’t let you out until you cleared all the balloons between you and the exit.  I never realized this would be so difficult.  It was like being in a pool and trying to scoop out the water in front of you.



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2 responses to “Nasher Sculpture Center / Balloon Emporium

  1. Ann

    Love the headless statues! Trying to imagine their message….

  2. Kimber

    Hey…Taylor is slacking! What happened to Taylor Tuesday? :-p

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