Security Blanket

Well, it has been almost a year since I cut all my hair off.

Most days I am very happy with it.  It takes about 10 minutes to get ready, including taking a shower, in comparison to the 45+ minutes when it was long.  In the summer I am not constantly dying of heat exhaustion from the furry animal that lived on and around my head.  People are happy to not find my hair everywhere (including that time in the pancakes – sorry Matt).


I miss my long hair.  Apparently it had some kind of hold over me.  In high school I cut my long hair to shoulder length to donate to Locks of Love and  I cried on the drive over to my appointment.  This time I didn’t cry – I had made up my mind.  But at night, I actually have dreams – an entire year later – that revolve around that fact that my hair is still long.  I would say that I never realized I was so vain but that isn’t it.  Saying I’m vain would imply women with short hair aren’t beautiful but they are.  I think I am realizing my long hair was more of a security blanket than I thought.  Which to me should be all the more reason to keep the short hair so I can get over it.  But how do you get over the security of having your hair long for 10+ years?

I admit that I am eventually going to grow my hair back out.  But not yet – there is no way I can survive next summer in Texas with long hair.  Also, I hear that the process of growing your hair out is a real pain in the ass.  So I am going to wait another year and reevaluate at that point.  I think.


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