So as many have pointed out, I missed last week’s “Taylor Tuesday.”  My apologies to my devoted followers.  It has been a busy few weeks with the start of school, but I am now all caught up and in the swing of the year.  To be honest, the main reason I missed last week’s post was because I was setting up my new gadget:

Mac Mini

I have been playing around with the idea of setting up a small, efficient, computer as a home theater device for awhile now.  I was sold on the mac mini given it’s price, the fact it can do HDMI cable to the tv (HD video and audio all in one easy to connect cable), and since it is a full computer it can do far more than just a Roku or Boxee box.

Right out of the box I installed a piece of software called XBMC which has allowed me to finally move and combine all of Sara’s and my music collection (something I’ve wanted to do since we got married), stream ESPN3, netflix, hulu, amazon prime, and essentially any other video on the web straight to the tv, and also made it so I can control the whole thing from my phone.

The next step in the process is to buy a TV tuner and some rabbit ears so I can get over the air television on it as well.  At that point I could use it as a DVR and cut the cord to cable television all together.  Lastly I need to set up my audio receiver that’s in the closet with my pair of bookshelf speakers so I can play the music through the speakers without needing to have the television on.  If only the bookshelf next to the tv had the space…

At the very least this new set up will allow me to watch Georgia Tech football through the season since we only get 1 or 2 televised games in the Dallas area and now I can watch them all on ESPN3.  The whole set up is still cheaper than going to just 1 home game this year!


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