Get Your Gun

You guys, I can’t make this stuff up.

Texas bringing back successful hog-killing contest

I apologize for not letting you know about this sooner but we have until October 1 so go grab your rifles.  Oh, and your helicopters.  Because that is an allowable platform from which to kill the hogs.

Taylor and I are proud of so many things about Texas and this really ranks up at the top.  The state of Texas has an estimated 2 million feral hogs – more than any other state!  When I think of wild hogs, I think of Pumbaa from The Lion King.  Apparently, wild hogs are not actually as friendly as depicted in this movie and cause quite a lot of destruction.  As a result, Texas initiated a contest last year where they awarded the counties with the most kills in 1 month with $60,000.  Last year 60 counties participated and killed around 4000 hogs, which the government viewed as “very successful”.  Never mind the fact that 4000 hogs equates to only 0.2% of the Texas hog population.  That’s like having 1000 mice in your home, killing two of them, and telling everyone it was a successful cleanup.

This year, the contest is open to all 254 counties and will last for three months.  So now you have a reason to come visit us.


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