Labor Day Food

We ate so much this weekend.  And it was so worth it.  But as a result of the extra 20 pounds I gained, I am too lazy to actually describe the food in detail.  You’ll just have to look at the pictures.  You will also notice that half the time I forgot to take the picture until after I had eaten it.  The best part of my food photographs was my mom explaining to the French family next to us that I was taking pictures because I have a blog.

Saturday Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, and Sweet Potato Pancakes

Saturday Lunch: Remnants from Salt Lick BBQ

Saturday Dinner First Course: Beef Gumbo

Saturday Dinner Second Course: Salmon, Green Beans, and Mushroom Risotto

Saturday Dinner Third Course: Creme Brulee

Sunday Breakfast: Veggie Frittata, Biscuit, Sausage, and Yogurt with Fruit

Sunday Dinner First Course: Zucchini Fritters

Sunday Dinner Second Course: Pork Tenderloin, Cheese Polenta, and Brussel Sprouts

Sunday Dinner Third Course: Almond Cake

Monday Breakfast: Eggs, Bacon, and Strawberry and Nutella French Toast

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