Morning Revelations

At first I thought maybe he hadn’t turn the key all the way.  But then our eyes met and we uttered a collective “Oh crap” as we realized the car wouldn’t start.  At 7am this morning.

Over the next 5 minutes we realized several things.  We have no jumper cables.  There is no one to flag down because we live in an apartment with a bunch of college kids that are all still asleep.  Taylor’s children may set the building on fire if he isn’t there to supervise them.  Our AAA card expired in August.

Oh AAA.  For the last 4 years you have sent us a piece of mail each day.  And reminded us months in advance to RENEW OUR MEMBERSHIP.  Except this year.  We realized, at 7am this morning, that you had not sent us a single thing since we moved here.  Even though we changed our address.  Oh the things you don’t notice until you need the freaking car to start.

We tried to renew over the phone but of course both of our credit cards were declined.  We read the numbers correctly and made sure the address was correct.  And yet they were invalid.  Thanks to my coworker for picking us up and bringing us to work.  We need to come up with a better plan for when the car doesn’t start.  Or maybe we should just have some jumper cables and a functioning AAA membership.

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