Bon Iver

Last night Sara and I went to the Winspear Opera House for a concert.  No, it wasn’t Opera, it was Bon Iver!

Sara in front of the Winspear Opera House

Bon Iver

Sara and I found Bon Iver a few months ago and have been loving his music since.  It’s a very different type of music for both of us.  The lyrics are very poetic and at times difficult to understand their meanings, but the music is very beautiful and somewhat whimsical.  There are horns, strings, guitars, drum beats, all layered into an almost symphonic package.  Here’s a video if you care to have a listen:

The sound at the Opera House was incredible and the seats we had put us on the side just off of the floor only about a dozen rows back.  I think Sara and I agree that this was the best concert we’ve been to in quite some time.

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