Texas Wine?

Over Labor Day weekend we visited two Texas wineries and had a really enjoyable time.  I had never actually visited a winery before and didn’t have high expectations for ones in Texas but the wine was actually pretty good.  The first was Driftwood Estate Winery.

It was situated on top of a small mountain that we all severely doubted our rental car could get up.  But we got to the top and enjoyed 5 wine tastings for $5.  They had a large selection and you just chose whatever 5 you wanted to try.  The samplings were relatively small but we all enjoyed a Syrah and purchased a bottle for dinner the next day.

The next winery was Duchman Family Winery.  We intended to ask about the pronunciation but never got around to it and settled on the most offensive one.

Their wine tasting was also five for $5 but they chose the five ahead of time.  However, their tastings were pretty generous and they also had some excellent cheese plates.

So cute

We were all feeling pretty good about ourselves at this point so we bought a bottle to enjoy with another cheese plate outside.

We really enjoyed ourselves but I don’t think we could have done more than two wineries in a day.  There are actually a lot of wineries in the Hill Country that is southwest of Dallas.  I’m sure we’ll go to some more if we ever get the chance.


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  1. Katie

    Yay wine and cheese! Also, that is a great picture of you and your Mom! 🙂

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