Most Eligible Dallas

There is a new show on Bravo called “Most Eligible Dallas”.  It is terrible so please don’t watch it.  I’m not even going to describe it in detail for you.  It is a combination of Real Housewives meets Real World meets any other reality show that clearly isn’t reality but instead the producers creating events to develop the plot line.  It follows 6 pretty wealthy “friends” that are all single and range in age from 23 to almost 40.  The 23 year old is the most mature one.  The main reason we continue to watch it is to look up all the places they go to.  They actually went to Toulouse, a really nice restaurant we went to with my parents to celebrate them selling their house.  But half the time when we look up the places they aren’t even in Dallas – they are at least an hour away in the suburbs!  If you watch it, keep in mind that no one really lives like that.


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