Dallas Pride Festival

Taylor and I rode our bikes over to the Dallas Pride festival and parade on Sunday.  As I had to clarify for my mom – that means Dallas gay pride not Dallas city pride.  I wouldn’t say anyone is proud enough of the city of Dallas to have a parade.  Except when the Mavericks win the championship.  It was supposed to rain all afternoon but it didn’t, which we were happy about.  As much as I want it to rain I didn’t want it to happen during this event.  Side note – it did storm on Sunday night and Luna freaked out about the thunder.  We realized that since she was born – at the beginning of May – there has not been a thunderstorm.

We were interested to see how the event was because Atlanta Pride is always top notch.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people and the parade was actually really long.  So long, in fact, that we didn’t stay for the whole thing – an hour and a half in and they weren’t even halfway through all the floats.  Did I mention it was hot outside?  I unfortunately only made my tank top tan even worse.  We did stay long enough to see the parade participants I really wanted to see – the Human Rights Campaign and all the different PFLAG chapters.  There are always parents and other relatives marching that have signs that say “I am proud of my gay daughter”, “I love my gay nephew”, etc.  It is nice to have positive images like this to hold onto when less than positive things towards the LGBT community are going on around the country.



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4 responses to “Dallas Pride Festival

  1. Ann

    OK – I only questioned the event because it is TEXAS after all.

  2. Katie

    I had asked her the same question, Mama Ann! haha

  3. caroline

    Happy to say that we got to go to the first ever Salisbury Pride day this year! No floats or anything, but still impressed by our little southern hamlet.

  4. chris

    I agree with Ann… it IS Texas!

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