What’s it going to take to put this car in your garage today?

Sorry for the delay this morning.  Honestly I’ve been thinking of this post all week and haven’t had many ideas – which I guess is a good thing.  We will be buying a new car sometime in the next couple of months to replace our slowly dying Tiburon.  We are probably going to go through a dealership which I know is inevitable but I am not happy about.  I do not trust people that work on commission.  Why should I trust them at all?  Oh you think I look good in this car?  I bet you do.  When has a salesman ever said “You know what?  I don’t think you need a car right now.”  And the haggling – Taylor will handle this because I am not capable of any level of confrontation.  But I can’t imagine they will ever give us the best price because that means less profit for the dealership.  It should be fun – I’ll keep you updated.


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