Texas Football Hand Signals

It’s no surprise that Texan’s love their football.  Little known fact: football was first invented in Texas.  Of course back then it was called “death ball” and instead of scoring points you just give lethal injections to prisoners.  Texas is the reigning champion.

Anyways, since learning more about Texas football one thing that has been amusing is finding out that every college football team has their own hand gesture.  It’s like a gang symbol.  You can recognize other members of your team and supporters quickly instead of relying on team t-shirts, face paint, fight songs, etc.  Instead you can just throw up a hand sign and voila!  Everyone knows your affiliation.  So far, here are the ones I’ve learned of.  Feel free to let me know if I’m missing any!

University of Texas Longhorns: “Hook ’em Horns”

Hook'em Horns

Bonus Knowledge: Oklahoma fans will flash this sign upside down as a symbol similar to a “dead cow”

Texas Tech Red Raiders: “Guns Up”

Guns Up

Texas A&M Aggies: “Gig ‘Em”

Gig 'Em

Texas Christian University Horned Frogs:

Apparently a Horned Frog is made of rocks?

Southern Methodist University Mustangs: “Pony Up”

Pony Up

University of Houston Cougars:


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2 responses to “Texas Football Hand Signals

  1. You gotta love the cougar paw…

    How about the Wrecking Crew at A&M? Why can’t GT have an awesome hand signal?

    • chris

      What would a Buzz hand signal look like? Ooh -ooh I’ve got it!
      Clenched fist with the pink finger sticking out (trying to mimic the rippled look of a bumble bee body with a stinger at the end)….
      Heh just start posting that hand signal all over the internet and before you know it – it will be trending and trendy!!!!

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