High School Football Fun

We haven’t done much in the past week that is worthy of a Walkabout Wednesday post.  The only time we ventured out of our apartment besides running errands and going to work was to go see Taylor’s high school football team play on Friday night.  To clarify – that means the high school he teaches at and not the one he attended.  Although last week at trivia I wore a Xavier shirt and this guy stopped me and said “Is that for the Xavier in Connecticut?”  The one time I wear that shirt out in TEXAS someone recognizes the school.  He wanted to talk about it but we ended that pretty quickly because of TRIVIA, you guys.  We actually had a 7 person team and had a chance!  Except we lost.

Anyways, football game.  Did you know that when you go to a small high school that you typically have to play on both the defense and the offense?  Those kids were tired.  They most likely lost in the end – not sure though because we left at halftime.  As we were going to the game Taylor said, “I found out today that Emmitt Smith‘s kids go here.”  Emmitt didn’t come.  But his wife sat right in front of us and the second she walked up I knew it had to be her.  I had no idea what she looked like but her ring was the size of a Ring Pop.  She eventually moved closer to the field and as she sat down we saw the woman next to her nudge her husband and mouth “That’s Emmitt Smith’s wife.”  I have never seen someone move so fast to introduce themselves to a stranger.  He was practically climbing over his own wife.  It probably also had something to do with the fact that she was very attractive.  We’ll go to another game and try to creepily take Emmitt’s picture for you.


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