Mums the Word

Around this time last year we learned about an interesting homecoming tradition here in Texas: mums.  Basically you give a mum to your date for homecoming.

What started out in the 1970s as an actual chrysanthemum has morphed into this terrible monstrosity.  Yes, those are creepy stuffed animal bears wearing top hats.   That is not unique to this picture – there are typically stuffed bears on all of them.  I don’t know why.  Which really is the question I asked Taylor over and over as he explained this to me: Why?  The worst part is the cost.  I went into Michael’s this weekend and saw three displayed.  The largest one that wasn’t even that great cost $118!  And that’s at Michael’s.  People have businesses where you can order custom-made ones that cost over $500.

Taylor said last year that there were tiny girls that couldn’t really seem to support the giant mums.  Which is why I wasn’t surprised to read this in an article explaining them:

“Sidney Heath, the girlfriend of Hagerman’s oldest son, James, recently received the crown jewel of Hagerman’s mums. A front and back mum sandwiches her body and is attached to a dog harness for strength and comfort.”

I’m not sure I can ignore the fact that this girl is wearing a dog harness all in the name of mums and most likely popularity.  She says she was really proud of it but can you imagine how awkward that must have been when he gave it to her?  “Oh yeah, so I know it’s heavy…that’s why my mom put a dog harness in there!  Let me help you fasten the harness.  I know how to do it – I have a dog.”


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