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New Kind of Conditioner

Luna has taken to grooming me.  I have seen my mom’s cat do it to her but this is different.  Luna morphs into some other animal when she grooms my hair.  All of the sudden she develops an extra salivary gland because we hear her snorting as she paws through my hair.  And she is not gentle.  It’s worse than when my mom would comb my hair after I took a shower.  The “no tangles” condition never worked!


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Taylor and I chaperoned homecoming last night.  But before we could do that he had to ask me to the dance.

He got his students to help him make the sign.  He even gave me my own mum!  Unfortunately it has to stay in the closet because Luna thinks it is hers and tries to scale it every time she sees it.

I wonder what he’ll come up with if we chaperone for prom?


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Majority and Minority?

Homecoming is this weekend at Taylor’s school.  Since Taylor went to an all-boys Catholic school in New England and I went to a public school in NC we often have different high school things that surprise the other.  For example, Taylor was taught some classes by Xaverian brothers.  Not flying nuns, to my dismay.  At my school we were able to go off campus for lunch as juniors and seniors which surprised Taylor.

Homecoming brought up something that I had somewhat forgotten about and upon remembering was kind of disappointed in my school.  For school dances we would have a king and queen and also class representatives on the court – a freshman girl and boy, a sophomore girl and boy, etc.  However, we actually had two from each class: a majority and minority.  Meaning there would be 5 white girls and 5 minority girls to vote for the positions of freshman majority and minority homecoming court.

Majority and minority.

This school was established in 1993.  It’s not like it is a tradition from 1920.  If they want to have two people from each class – fine.  But do we need to separate it by race?  I’m insulted that the administration apparently thought my class was so racist that we needed to be told to vote for a white person and minority person.  This clearly wasn’t the case as I remember our prom king was black and our queen was white.  I know, it must be shocking that some kids born in the 80’s were able to look past race.

I’m not sure if Leesville continues to do this but it isn’t helping Southern stereotypes.


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Roasted Vegetables and Rice

This is a lazy but time-involved meal from my 2008 Southern Living Cookbook.

Lazy because you only chop a couple of things and time-involved because it takes time to roast vegetables.  This adaptation of the recipe serves 2.

1 cup short-grain brown rice

1/2 pound zucchini

1/2 pound yellow squash

1 red pepper

1 small sweet onion

1/4 almond pieces, dry roasted and unsalted

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

2. Cook the rice – brown rice takes awhile so it’s best to get it going.

3. Chop up the zucchini, squash, and pepper into large pieces – 1/2″ to 1″ dices.  Cut the onion into 8 wedges.

4. Put all the vegetables on an aluminum covered baking sheet.  Toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Roast for 20 minutes, stir, and put back in the oven for 20 minutes.

5.  Mix the rice, vegetables, and almonds together.


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Manna from the Promised Land

On Sunday at the grocery store, something caught my eye.

Chocolate eggnog from Promised Land – a Texas dairy farm.  I convinced Taylor that we should get it – he was pretty uninterested about it because he didn’t really have it growing up.  We always had it around the holidays but my mom insisted on mixing it 50:50 with regular milk because it was “too rich”.  JUST LET ME HAVE 5000 CALORIES MOM.  About 10 seconds after putting it in the cart the guy that always stocks the shelves comes up to us.  He reaches into our cart and grabs the eggnog.  People are oddly protective of their grocery carts.  They don’t like to walk away from their cart like someone might take it.  So when he did this I kind of freaked out.  But then he told us he just wanted us to have it for free since it was a new product and put a sticker on it.  More free things!

When Taylor poured it into the glass he said it was so thick it looked like paint.  It was delicious and I didn’t even mix it with regular milk!


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60 Minute Concert

Last Friday we headed back to the Dallas Symphony – this time FOR FREE.  Things always seem so much better when they are free.  This would have been fun even if we had purchased the tickets but a kind parent at Taylor’s school donates tickets that are given away every week to staff.

Friday concerts are great because they are a shortened version of the program they are currently playing.  So the concert was only an hour which was perfect for me.  Just ask my dad about the time he so lovingly took me as a child to hear a violinist play on a Stradivarius.  We had to leave because I was snoring too loudly.    No snoring on Friday much to Taylor’s delight.

However, we did have one issue.  The last time we had gone to the Arts District was to hear Bon Iver play at the opera house next door.  Everyone was drinking wine and cocktails during the concert.  So somehow we got it in our heads that we would be able to do the same thing at the Symphony Center.  I found this was not the case when we were turned away with full $9 whiskey sours in hand.  5 minutes before the concert started.  Mr. Chugs downed his in the five minutes without an issue.  I was struggling.  It takes me over an hour to drink a can of soda.  Throw some whiskey in there and maybe I can shorten it to half an hour.  Taylor had to help me finish it.

The concert was great and we will definitely be entering to win more free tickets!



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A trend in beer over the past few years has been the re-introduction of a particular type of beer bottle: the growler.  A growler is a slang term for a large glass bottle of beer, usually holding 64 fluid ounces (a half gallon for all you imperial unit fans).  This is a step up in size from a bomber (22 oz of beer) and has a key component which makes it my favorite distribution method: it is reusable (better than recyclable).  You can stroll down to your favorite beer distributor, purchase your glassware, and have them fill it up with any beer they have on tap.  When you finish, just rinse it out and you can go fill it up again thanks to a screw-top with a small rubber gasket to keep a tight seal.

A few breweries are now selling their beer in a pre-filled growler to get you started.  I picked up a Rogue: Dead Guy Ale growler at Whole Foods for $17 which included the glass (normally $7 or so) which means the beer was only $10 for 64 oz.

Pricing is usually around the price of a 6 pack (maybe a little more) but there are a few advantages.

  1. The beer is fresh.  Assuming that the location at which you had your growler filled up is visited frequently, the beer will be in a fresh keg as opposed to bottles that have been sitting around for awhile.  Fresh beer = tasty beer (usually).
  2. You can get a lot more rare and seasonal releases from draught beer as opposed to bottled beer.
  3. Draught beer just tastes better.  It is this reason that I never buy a bottle of beer when out at a bar.  For a possible explanation see reason #1.  Also possible explanation: that sense of smugness you get by saying, “I only drink draught beer.  I also know that it’s spelled ‘draught’ and not ‘draft'”
  4. You get about five and a third bottles of beer in 64 oz, but if you get a good person filling you up, they normally go past the fill line netting you around a 6 pack.   Price wise you about break even, but are getting a better product (see above)
  5. Sharing a growler is fun!
  6. You can rinse and repeat forever.

A few disadvantages to buying a growler:

  1. You need to drink the beer within 1 to 2 days for optimal deliciousness.  Draught beer goes flat once out of the keg, even if kept in a sealed bottle.
  2. Not every store will fill one for you.  They need to have taps which can be hard to get in a take-away beer/wine shop due to zoning and your local ABC ordinances.

I’ve been happy with the few times I’ve had the chance to fill it up, but am looking forward to having the opportunity to try new beer in the comfort of my own home.  Cheers.


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Those Puberty Years are Awkward

Oh hello.

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Airport Security

At the airport on our way back to Dallas we had to go through the craziness that is Hartsfield Jackson security.  It is super busy but it doesn’t take forever.  You have to wait in line for a little bit and then go through security.  That wait in line is a good time to remind yourself of any security measures you need to take.  Remove your shoes.  Take out your laptop.  Take off your belt.  Things we’ve had to do for TEN YEARS.

So explain to me why a 30-something American woman who clearly knows what airport security is was at the front of the security line and COMPLETELY UNPREPARED.  The TSA lady was very monotone as she kept turning the lady away to do something else.  None of us were allowed to go through as she gave orders.

Take off your jacket

Is there a laptop in there?  Take it out.

Don’t put your bag in a bin.

Take off your belt.

And that bracelet.

I feel like she added the bracelet unnecessarily as a last jab at her.  I just don’t understand how she got all the way up there and didn’t seem to have a clue.  There are reminders plastered everywhere.  Granted I packed toothpaste one time without realizing it and when the TSA guy pulled it out I said “I have no idea how that got in there”.  Not the best thing to say at the airport.


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Old Favorites

Last Friday we visited what I would say are probably two of our favorite restaurants – anywhere – in Atlanta.  There are a couple of places here in Dallas that we like but we have struggled finding good places to eat.  Taylor has described it as there are basically two types of places to eat here: chain restaurants and high end restaurants.  Maybe we’ll find some places soon.

For lunch in Atlanta we went to Fellini’s aka the best pizza place ever.  I got the only thing I ever get there: a slice of white pizza and a salad.  My goal is to recreate this pizza and then I can forever live in my college nostalgia.

A Slice of White Next to a Slice of Mushroom & Spinach

Delicious Salad With a Pound of Cheese

For dinner we were a little more fancy and went to Two Urban Licks.  Taylor and I have gone here for several special occasions and once again I got the only thing I ever get there: scallops on gouda grits with a smoky tomato broth.  I have dreams about these scallops.  It’s like eating butter but healthier.

It was a well planned food day and I know we have several other places that we’ll need to visit next time.


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