Wild Luna

Sorry for the no-post yesterday.  My excuse is that our lappy has been uncooperative and as a result Taylor was using my work computer most of the day to do work so I was left without a computer.  The weather has been great this weekend so we’ve been leaving a window open and Luna really likes it.

Last weekend I bought her a harness and leash in preparation for taking her home with us for Thanksgiving.  I’m sure the flight experience with her will be several posts in itself.  So I hooked her up to her harness and took her out on our porch this afternoon.  She was so excited and was even rolling around on the patio.  But then she started eating leaves and I saw a giant dead beetle.  So I decided we should go back in until I invested some time into cleaning it up.  When I brought her in she continued to meow at the door for awhile.  I’ve created a monster.


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  1. Ann

    The big wide world!

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