Pain au Chocolat

When Taylor and I went to Europe two summers ago, we stayed in Paris for 4 days and 3 nights.  I think it pains people a little when I tell them that I didn’t actually like Paris that much.  The Louvre and Versailles were awesome but those damn tourists ruined everything for me.  If there is a line STAND IN IT.  And it was dirty.  Granted we had just come from Switzerland which was the most clean place I had ever been.  And if you know my mother, who I lived with for 18 years, that is quite the statement.  Anyways, directly across the street from our hotel in Paris was a little bakery that made the best pain au chocolat – a pastry filled with chocolate.  Taylor would mosey in every morning and buy some while I stood outside like the awkward American I am – I speak no French and was afraid someone would try to speak to me.  The last morning our train for London left really early – we had to leave our hotel at something like 5am.  We even had to wake up the doorman to let us out – that was fun.  He was lying on a pallet in the living room snoring while Taylor and I silently mouthed threats back and forth for 10 minutes to decide who should wake him up.  Taylor was nice enough to do it.  So since we left so early we made sure to get extra pastries the day before to hold us over.

I found this recipe on a random blog a couple of weeks ago and immediately emailed the link to myself.  Every day when I checked my email I would see the subject line “Pain au Chocolate” and think to myself “Oh yeah, I need to make that”.  Well I finally got around to it this past Sunday.  The thing is that you make the puff pastry from scratch.  If you don’t do that, this recipe will take you about 5 minutes to assemble.  If you do make it, it’s a process of rolling out the dough, putting it in the fridge for 30 minutes, folding it, rolling it and putting it back in the fridge.  Times 3.  But they looked so beautiful when they came out and tasted very good.  I regret giving most of them to Taylor’s students.


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  1. Ann

    I raise my duster with pride! Seriously – these are beautiful! I am impressed.

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