The State Fair of Texas

On Saturday we went with Taylor’s parents to the State Fair.  It was cloudy, which was perfect weather to venture out to Fair Park.  Right in the middle of the fair is the Cotton Bowl where Oklahoma and UT were playing.  And where ESPN College Gameday was.  I’m surprised Taylor didn’t have us get there at 7:00am so he could meet Erin Andrews – he likes to tell me what she is wearing every Saturday (typically a tight pant with a flowy top).  I’m not sure what he is trying to do – pretend to have a crush on her or be creepy.  Maybe it doesn’t seem like the best day to go but we had been told that during the game the fair is actually pretty empty.  That is of course only true when the game isn’t a complete blow-out: Oklahoma beat UT 55 to 17.  Needless to say that fans were leaving early and milling about among us.  But it wasn’t too terrible.

Let’s discuss the travel fiasco that ensued in order to get there.  We took DART which had created a special train that went straight to the fair – no change of trains, no stops.  Of course this convenience factor was overshadowed by the 45 minute train ride that went southeast through downtown on a loop when the fair was really a 10 minute ride southwest.  Most people riding the DART that day didn’t notice because they probably don’t typically ride it.  Anyways, we finally got there.  I love being shouted at to “BUY A WATER FOR $1.  INSIDE IT’S $5.”

First we went through the car rooms to try and narrow down what car we wanted.  We found it.

Yes that is THE official pace car for Daytona 500.  I can cross it off my bucket list now.  Then we ventured through the local food buildings.

Someone is going to be very upset when their pasta doesn't taste like pomegranate.

Leftover souvenier from the Super Bowl last year. And it was still $15.

Lastly, we went and saw some cute animals.  We all agreed that the ostrich is an incredibly creepy animal – I didn’t have the courage to take a picture of him.


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