The Grackle

Let’s play a game.  Where are these two pictures from?

If you said Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, then you are wrong.  They are images from my very real Texas nightmare.  Okay, so I didn’t personally take these pictures.  But around dawn and dusk, this is what you’ll see if you venture outside.  Grackles.  Doesn’t the name even sound scary?  Grackles are a crow like type of bird that live in huge flocks.  They can be found in pretty much every Texas city by the swarm.  I’ve been told that some college campuses sound some kind of alarm every now and then to try to scare them away.

You know that scene where the lady has to walk calmly by the playground and all the birds are just sitting there looking at her?  That’s what I have to go through every time if I decide I need to go to the Kroger next to our house.  I don’t think Taylor at first understood my fear.  So I made him watch The Birds.  He still didn’t quite understand it.  I think the Grackles taunt me when he isn’t looking.  Sometimes they get into the Whole Foods and walk around.  I swear to God one swooped down at me one time.  Of course Taylor was in another aisle.

Also, there is the noise they make.  It sounds like they are maniacally laughing at you.


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