So I made a mistake.  Well, I made multiple mistakes in a row.  The first was going to the grocery store to pick up some necessity like milk while hungry.  The second mistake was cutting through the baking aisle.  The third mistake was spotting Funfetti Cake mix and becoming wrapped up in the nostalgia of making it with my roommates in college.  So I bought some funfetti cake mix and some funfetti frosting deciding that I would make them for Taylor’s students and save a couple for myself.

I made the cupcakes and frosted them.  As I finished frosting them I had a little taste and was surprised that I didn’t like it.  The frosting that I used to love so much tasted bland to me and kind of had a consistency of glue.  The thing is I’m sure the cupcakes tasted great – Taylor says they all were eaten.  But I can’t remember the last time I didn’t bake from scratch and I think that my stomach was not pleased with this.  What kind of world do I live in where Funfetti doesn’t taste good to me anymore?



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3 responses to “UnFunfetti

  1. Ann

    The world of an excellent cook!

  2. caroline

    Sad world that is…

  3. Kimber

    Rainbow Chip by Duncan Hines is much better! 🙂

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