This past weekend, Taylor and I flew back to our beloved Atlanta for a wedding.  We got in on Thursday night.  One reason for the early arrival was that we wanted to eat at several places in Atlanta and knew that Saturday was booked.  More on that on this upcoming Foodie Friday.  Saturday was full of wedding festivities.  Tanner was in Taylor’s fraternity and was his roommate for several years – including several months of occupation in Taylor’s and Eric’s apartment nook prior to moving for a Bank of America job.  Tanner married Erin, the only Georgia graduate I like (we’ll pretend Taylor didn’t go to grad school there).  The wedding was outside at Rhodes Hall and the weather was beautiful.

Since it was a wedding of friends, we got to see plenty of old friends.  Some still live in Atlanta, some don’t.  But we are all grown ups now – something we are coming to terms with because two of our friends showed up with babies.  I held these two babies and stole their baby essence.  Somewhere out there, there is a picture of me holding one.  If you recall, nothing aggravates me more than people feeling like they must make comments  the second I am holding a child about my ability to have babies because I have ovaries.  Let’s just focus on the fact that the baby is cute and tiny.  I’m just the thing holding her.

Two of our Hosts

I also realized that I lied on Monday.  I said I drank whiskey for the first time.  This is far from true since my favorite mixed drink is a whiskey sour.  What I meant to say is that I drank a super nice whiskey straight for the first time.

Then I diluted it with ice and water.  Then I diluted it some more.  Why would someone want to drink that?  Just buy some liquid smoke – it’s cheaper and I think may taste the same.  I tried to finish it because I wanted to be cool like my friends.  But I am not cool.

Luna was extra snuggly when we got home


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  1. Ann

    You are too cool!

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