Winds of Change

The unthinkable has happened and the weather has finally started to cool off.  First, there was rain earlier this week.  Water falling from the sky!  Even if it decided to rain for an entire week I would not complain.  I will never complain about rain again.  And now the highs are in the 60s!  The first day it happened I didn’t even know how to dress for it.  I couldn’t remember what that temperature felt like.  I ended up wearing a sweater which turned out to be a bit too warm for that day.  Then yesterday I had to walk to the train station and I was chilly!  Chilly, people.  The last time I was chilly was 4th of July weekend and we were in Connecticut.  The last time I was chilly in Texas was quite possibly the ice storm in February.  I find it interesting that the evening Most Eligible Dallas ended, this cold front came through.  It’s like God had been punishing Dallas for the terrible thing we shared with the whole world.


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