Old Favorites

Last Friday we visited what I would say are probably two of our favorite restaurants – anywhere – in Atlanta.  There are a couple of places here in Dallas that we like but we have struggled finding good places to eat.  Taylor has described it as there are basically two types of places to eat here: chain restaurants and high end restaurants.  Maybe we’ll find some places soon.

For lunch in Atlanta we went to Fellini’s aka the best pizza place ever.  I got the only thing I ever get there: a slice of white pizza and a salad.  My goal is to recreate this pizza and then I can forever live in my college nostalgia.

A Slice of White Next to a Slice of Mushroom & Spinach

Delicious Salad With a Pound of Cheese

For dinner we were a little more fancy and went to Two Urban Licks.  Taylor and I have gone here for several special occasions and once again I got the only thing I ever get there: scallops on gouda grits with a smoky tomato broth.  I have dreams about these scallops.  It’s like eating butter but healthier.

It was a well planned food day and I know we have several other places that we’ll need to visit next time.


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