Airport Security

At the airport on our way back to Dallas we had to go through the craziness that is Hartsfield Jackson security.  It is super busy but it doesn’t take forever.  You have to wait in line for a little bit and then go through security.  That wait in line is a good time to remind yourself of any security measures you need to take.  Remove your shoes.  Take out your laptop.  Take off your belt.  Things we’ve had to do for TEN YEARS.

So explain to me why a 30-something American woman who clearly knows what airport security is was at the front of the security line and COMPLETELY UNPREPARED.  The TSA lady was very monotone as she kept turning the lady away to do something else.  None of us were allowed to go through as she gave orders.

Take off your jacket

Is there a laptop in there?  Take it out.

Don’t put your bag in a bin.

Take off your belt.

And that bracelet.

I feel like she added the bracelet unnecessarily as a last jab at her.  I just don’t understand how she got all the way up there and didn’t seem to have a clue.  There are reminders plastered everywhere.  Granted I packed toothpaste one time without realizing it and when the TSA guy pulled it out I said “I have no idea how that got in there”.  Not the best thing to say at the airport.


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