60 Minute Concert

Last Friday we headed back to the Dallas Symphony – this time FOR FREE.  Things always seem so much better when they are free.  This would have been fun even if we had purchased the tickets but a kind parent at Taylor’s school donates tickets that are given away every week to staff.

Friday concerts are great because they are a shortened version of the program they are currently playing.  So the concert was only an hour which was perfect for me.  Just ask my dad about the time he so lovingly took me as a child to hear a violinist play on a Stradivarius.  We had to leave because I was snoring too loudly.    No snoring on Friday much to Taylor’s delight.

However, we did have one issue.  The last time we had gone to the Arts District was to hear Bon Iver play at the opera house next door.  Everyone was drinking wine and cocktails during the concert.  So somehow we got it in our heads that we would be able to do the same thing at the Symphony Center.  I found this was not the case when we were turned away with full $9 whiskey sours in hand.  5 minutes before the concert started.  Mr. Chugs downed his in the five minutes without an issue.  I was struggling.  It takes me over an hour to drink a can of soda.  Throw some whiskey in there and maybe I can shorten it to half an hour.  Taylor had to help me finish it.

The concert was great and we will definitely be entering to win more free tickets!



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3 responses to “60 Minute Concert

  1. Ann

    Taylor is always so willing to make the sacrifice 🙂

  2. Jim

    I don’t remember it being a Stradivarius, but the violinist was Isaac Stern. And I probably would have fallen asleep myself if I was not holding a drowsy little girl in my lap.

    • You know I’ve always had it in my head that it was a Stradivarius but I’m not sure that’s entirely true. But I did look him up on Wikipedia and that was apparently one of his 10 violins. So there is a 10% chance I’m right.

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