Manna from the Promised Land

On Sunday at the grocery store, something caught my eye.

Chocolate eggnog from Promised Land – a Texas dairy farm.  I convinced Taylor that we should get it – he was pretty uninterested about it because he didn’t really have it growing up.  We always had it around the holidays but my mom insisted on mixing it 50:50 with regular milk because it was “too rich”.  JUST LET ME HAVE 5000 CALORIES MOM.  About 10 seconds after putting it in the cart the guy that always stocks the shelves comes up to us.  He reaches into our cart and grabs the eggnog.  People are oddly protective of their grocery carts.  They don’t like to walk away from their cart like someone might take it.  So when he did this I kind of freaked out.  But then he told us he just wanted us to have it for free since it was a new product and put a sticker on it.  More free things!

When Taylor poured it into the glass he said it was so thick it looked like paint.  It was delicious and I didn’t even mix it with regular milk!


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