Majority and Minority?

Homecoming is this weekend at Taylor’s school.  Since Taylor went to an all-boys Catholic school in New England and I went to a public school in NC we often have different high school things that surprise the other.  For example, Taylor was taught some classes by Xaverian brothers.  Not flying nuns, to my dismay.  At my school we were able to go off campus for lunch as juniors and seniors which surprised Taylor.

Homecoming brought up something that I had somewhat forgotten about and upon remembering was kind of disappointed in my school.  For school dances we would have a king and queen and also class representatives on the court – a freshman girl and boy, a sophomore girl and boy, etc.  However, we actually had two from each class: a majority and minority.  Meaning there would be 5 white girls and 5 minority girls to vote for the positions of freshman majority and minority homecoming court.

Majority and minority.

This school was established in 1993.  It’s not like it is a tradition from 1920.  If they want to have two people from each class – fine.  But do we need to separate it by race?  I’m insulted that the administration apparently thought my class was so racist that we needed to be told to vote for a white person and minority person.  This clearly wasn’t the case as I remember our prom king was black and our queen was white.  I know, it must be shocking that some kids born in the 80’s were able to look past race.

I’m not sure if Leesville continues to do this but it isn’t helping Southern stereotypes.


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  1. Jim

    Amen to that! Our highschool did the same thing – due to forced integration. I remember thinking that it was silly even
    then – our prom king and queen were the opposite of yours, black queen and white king – freely voted for by everyone!

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