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Those Puberty Years are Awkward

Oh hello.


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Airport Security

At the airport on our way back to Dallas we had to go through the craziness that is Hartsfield Jackson security.  It is super busy but it doesn’t take forever.  You have to wait in line for a little bit and then go through security.  That wait in line is a good time to remind yourself of any security measures you need to take.  Remove your shoes.  Take out your laptop.  Take off your belt.  Things we’ve had to do for TEN YEARS.

So explain to me why a 30-something American woman who clearly knows what airport security is was at the front of the security line and COMPLETELY UNPREPARED.  The TSA lady was very monotone as she kept turning the lady away to do something else.  None of us were allowed to go through as she gave orders.

Take off your jacket

Is there a laptop in there?  Take it out.

Don’t put your bag in a bin.

Take off your belt.

And that bracelet.

I feel like she added the bracelet unnecessarily as a last jab at her.  I just don’t understand how she got all the way up there and didn’t seem to have a clue.  There are reminders plastered everywhere.  Granted I packed toothpaste one time without realizing it and when the TSA guy pulled it out I said “I have no idea how that got in there”.  Not the best thing to say at the airport.


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Old Favorites

Last Friday we visited what I would say are probably two of our favorite restaurants – anywhere – in Atlanta.  There are a couple of places here in Dallas that we like but we have struggled finding good places to eat.  Taylor has described it as there are basically two types of places to eat here: chain restaurants and high end restaurants.  Maybe we’ll find some places soon.

For lunch in Atlanta we went to Fellini’s aka the best pizza place ever.  I got the only thing I ever get there: a slice of white pizza and a salad.  My goal is to recreate this pizza and then I can forever live in my college nostalgia.

A Slice of White Next to a Slice of Mushroom & Spinach

Delicious Salad With a Pound of Cheese

For dinner we were a little more fancy and went to Two Urban Licks.  Taylor and I have gone here for several special occasions and once again I got the only thing I ever get there: scallops on gouda grits with a smoky tomato broth.  I have dreams about these scallops.  It’s like eating butter but healthier.

It was a well planned food day and I know we have several other places that we’ll need to visit next time.


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Winds of Change

The unthinkable has happened and the weather has finally started to cool off.  First, there was rain earlier this week.  Water falling from the sky!  Even if it decided to rain for an entire week I would not complain.  I will never complain about rain again.  And now the highs are in the 60s!  The first day it happened I didn’t even know how to dress for it.  I couldn’t remember what that temperature felt like.  I ended up wearing a sweater which turned out to be a bit too warm for that day.  Then yesterday I had to walk to the train station and I was chilly!  Chilly, people.  The last time I was chilly was 4th of July weekend and we were in Connecticut.  The last time I was chilly in Texas was quite possibly the ice storm in February.  I find it interesting that the evening Most Eligible Dallas ended, this cold front came through.  It’s like God had been punishing Dallas for the terrible thing we shared with the whole world.


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This past weekend, Taylor and I flew back to our beloved Atlanta for a wedding.  We got in on Thursday night.  One reason for the early arrival was that we wanted to eat at several places in Atlanta and knew that Saturday was booked.  More on that on this upcoming Foodie Friday.  Saturday was full of wedding festivities.  Tanner was in Taylor’s fraternity and was his roommate for several years – including several months of occupation in Taylor’s and Eric’s apartment nook prior to moving for a Bank of America job.  Tanner married Erin, the only Georgia graduate I like (we’ll pretend Taylor didn’t go to grad school there).  The wedding was outside at Rhodes Hall and the weather was beautiful.

Since it was a wedding of friends, we got to see plenty of old friends.  Some still live in Atlanta, some don’t.  But we are all grown ups now – something we are coming to terms with because two of our friends showed up with babies.  I held these two babies and stole their baby essence.  Somewhere out there, there is a picture of me holding one.  If you recall, nothing aggravates me more than people feeling like they must make comments  the second I am holding a child about my ability to have babies because I have ovaries.  Let’s just focus on the fact that the baby is cute and tiny.  I’m just the thing holding her.

Two of our Hosts

I also realized that I lied on Monday.  I said I drank whiskey for the first time.  This is far from true since my favorite mixed drink is a whiskey sour.  What I meant to say is that I drank a super nice whiskey straight for the first time.

Then I diluted it with ice and water.  Then I diluted it some more.  Why would someone want to drink that?  Just buy some liquid smoke – it’s cheaper and I think may taste the same.  I tried to finish it because I wanted to be cool like my friends.  But I am not cool.

Luna was extra snuggly when we got home


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Clough Center

Here’s a little sneak preview from our trip to Atlanta this past weekend.  While visiting the Georgia Tech campus on Friday, Sara and I visited the new G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons.  They tore up the old parking lot next to the library and put on this great new addition.  In this new space there are labs for all of the freshman level science labs (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth and Atmospheric Science). There’s also a ton of study space with whiteboards, movable furniture, and a full service Starbucks.

Grand Stairway of the Clough Center

The last feature of note is the great roof garden and seating area on the roof.

View from the Rooftop Garden

The whole building does a great job providing a great center to the campus.  If GT keeps upgrading the facilities like this I may have to go back for another degree.


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Whirlwind Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend.  My intent was to do them before Taylor and I went back to Atlanta for a wedding.  That didn’t happen and once I got to Atlanta it definitely didn’t happen.  We will be back in full swing soon with plenty of pictures/stories from this weekend including me trying whiskey for the first time.



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