Dance Party

At the end of each trimester, the Pre-K students in the lower school invite teachers from the entire school to come celebrate their birthdays that took place.  I made my way down during my lunch break to spend some time with the little guys and girls.  There were 3 different rooms and in each room there was a different type of dancing taking place.  In the first room, I partook in the limbo.  I had to cheat a little by going under walking on my knees, and after the kids saw me they all wanted to do it that way too, even though they could just essentially walk under normally.  In the second room we played a game of musical chairs.  I was proud that I lasted 2 rounds but then I couldn’t find a chair and gracefully bowed out (I wanted to win, but Sara said that I had to let them win).  Lastly I spent some time “freeze dancing” where when the music stops, you have to freeze until the music starts again.  It was all very much fun and it was good to see the little smiling faces.  A drastic change from the normal young adults I teach.  One of the things I love about my school is that kids are there from Pre-K through grade 12 and you get to see them grow along the way.  It’s fun to see kids at all stages of life and education.

On my way out I was gifted a cupcake and hacky-sack (hand tie-dyed I think).  All in all, a good way to spend a lunch break.

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