Homecoming Dance

On Saturday night we had to tear ourselves away from the last 10 minutes of the Georgia Tech game because we had a commitment: chaperoning the homecoming dance.  I weaved in and out of the lanes trying to look towards the passenger seat where Taylor had the game on his phone.  We won – but I’m sure you knew that already.

We arrived at the dance in full swing – we were doing the second shift from 10:30 – 12:00.  For those of you who know me the starting time of our shift was past my bedtime.  For an hour and a half we stood near the dance floor and made sure nothing questionable was going on – which nothing was.  I recognized probably 4 of the songs they played over the 90 minute period which made me feel old.  What also made me feel old was that 2 of the songs I recognized were played at my senior dances and I realized these kids were in elementary school when they came out.  I don’t think they should have heard the lyrics “I done come to the club fifty-leven times, now can I play with yo panty line” as a 3rd grader but I’m no parent.

As I said, the students were all well behaved and a lot of them came up to say hi to Taylor.  When he introduced them to me they all SHOOK MY HAND.  Half the adults I meet don’t think to do that so I was impressed.


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  1. Jim

    No dancing? So what song was that….

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