Poor Burro

My lovely father directed me to this article.  Hopefully my family will keep giving me ideas so I don’t have to stare into space for half an hour trying to think about what to write.

Texas shooting donkeys, stirring burro backlash

It is as exactly as it sounds.  Not quite like the pig contest where there is a reward for shooting the most animals.  This is much more complicated apparently.  Wild bighorn sheep are apparently a coveted hunting pastime for the rich of Texas.  State permits for hunting for bighorns apparently run upwards of $100,000.  Someone is paying the cost of my college education every year to hunt sheep.

Unfortunately for Ross Perot* and friends, wild burros are traveling across the border from Mexico and into Texas.  They are taking jobs away from the bighorn sheep!  Really they are just eating their food and water and as a result there are not many bighorns left.  And that makes Ross Perot* angry.

*Not an actual bighorn hunter to my knowledge.  Just an old rich guy in Texas I could think of.

The burros are being shot in hopes that the sheep population will grow again.  If this is actually successful the bighorn population won’t be back to normal until long after these old guys are gone.

This picture is terrifying.  It’s eyes are not where you think they should be!  Why are they so far apart?


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