Lunch at Work

I’ve spoken before about lunch habits at work.  Taylor is lucky in that he gets a free lunch everyday at his school.  And it’s apparently not like the pizza and hot fries I remember of my school days.  In the car on the ride home he’ll tell me what he’s had and it sounds like a fancy waiter reading the specials for the day:

I had a fluffy quinoa salad with feta and cranberries served on a bed of arugula.  I also had an Asian-inspired mushroom soup in a light vegetable broth.  For dessert I had a lemon sorbet with fresh fruit.

And like a chump I have to actually plan ahead what I’m going to eat.  Or you could be like 75% of my office that just starts sniffing around for food when it is lunch time.  They’ll take food from meetings they aren’t even attending.   It just baffles me that you come to work and don’t think about what you’ll have for lunch.  Maybe this is a sign that I’m too food-oriented.  I pack my lunch every day even if I’m expecting work to provide it.  There have been too many times where I didn’t pack my lunch and I’m stuck either eating meat lovers pizza (WHAT HAPPENED TO JUST PLAIN CHEESE?) or chewing a piece of gum.  This is my typical lunch:

Almond butter and jelly sandwich, popcorn, celery, and an apple

It may look boring but it guarantees me that my gastrointestinal system won’t implode on me later (THANKS IBS).  For the past three weeks I have managed to pick out a loaf of bread that has a giant hole in the middle.  And yes, I’m eating my lunch at my desk.  When I first started here I was appalled that people ate at their desk.  And now that’s all I do.  I either want to get my work done or I just want to eat in peace with no one talking to me!  I’m turning into a grumpy lady.


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  1. Ann

    Looks good to me – I guess 100 degree weather keeps one from eating outside much!

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